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Undergraduate Studios

1st, 2nd and 3rd year, on-site


The International Program in Design and Architecture, is an English language program taught within the Faculty of Architecture at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand. Chulalongkorn is the oldest University in Thailand. With a focus on design innovation and experimentation, INDA aims to provide its graduates with a truly international perspective on architecture and design.

INDA has a core curriculum providing essential instruction in design and communication, history and theory, and architectural construction and environmental technology courses. It further complements these with a range of courses designed to instill awareness about the unique characteristics of the region, including Tropical Architecture, Southeast Asian Architecture, Architecture Community Ecology, and Urban Design. Although INDA has adopted architecture as its principal topic of study, it aims to show how architecture connects to other disciplines, such as landscape architecture, urban design and design. INDA also aims to instill in students fundamental design skills such as creative and critical problem solving, an awareness of the role of design at a community level, and an ability to cope with the changing demands of the design professions in the 21st century.

Peter has been teaching first, second and third year design studios at INDA, in which he encouraged a concept driven and experimental approach that is based on a thorough research and analysis of a set of given parameters. One of his main teaching objectives is to encourage a critical approach that is based on a thorough research and analysis and is enabling his students to envision responses for some of the current design challenges of our society and environment, while helping the students develop their own creative approach and voice.

Select student work by: Eakapob Huangthanapan, Supakrit Wongviboonsin, Chokoon, Kulattha Adisornphankul, Mairin Sirisahawat, Panitnan Patanayinee, Poon Kulvanich, Sarin Ronnakiat, Nantakanta Kengradomying, Napat Kanjanasaya, Pin Laohasurayothin, Tanskul Suwannakudt